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Artist Bio

Azaria Hogans holds an M.F.A. in dance from Texas Woman’s University which expanded her research of dance as a means of social change with an emphasis on black modern dance.  Azaria received her B.A. in Spanish with minors in both dance and dance therapy at Georgia College merging her passion for culture, global issues and dance as a communicative practice. As the Artist in Residence at Missouri State University, Azaria teaches dance appreciation, contemporary, jazz, contact improvisation, alternative formats, and West African dance forms. She has presented her works at several conferences including the Symposium on Performance of the African Diaspora as Social Change Conference, American College Dance Association South-Central and South-East Conferences, the World Dance Alliance Conference Puebla, Mexico, the Denton Black Film Festival, among other conferences. She has also performed at the Merge Concert at Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas, Collin College’s Dance Fusion in Plano, Texas, Sant’Agata Central Plaza in Sant’Agata, Italy, UNT’s Gospel Meets Jazz Concert in Denton, Texas to name a few.  She has brought the art of dance to local schools including Putnam High School in Putnam, Georgia and Lee Elementary School in Denton, Texas through community outreach programs and residencies. She has been currently published in the Dance Education in Practice journal and will also be published in the Journal of Dance Education. Azaria’s interests extend from performance and choreography to publications and community outreach in her process of making and presenting dance.


Curriculum Vitae

Choreography, Performance, Scholarship, Education

August 2018 - Current

Artist in Residence

As the Artist-In-Residence at Missouri State University, I teach jazz, all levels of contemporary, West African dance forms, dance appreciation, contact improvisation, alternative formats, and mentorship of student projects.

June 2012 - Current

Dance Instructor/Camp Faculty

Durning the summers I can usually be found teaching camps.  2019- Missouri Fine Arts Academy, 2018- Greater Denton Arts Council Summer Camp, 2015-2016 Briar Patch Summer Camp Broadway, etc.

June 2019 - Current


My article "Tips for Success in Navigating a Master's Degree in Dance" was published in the Dance Education in Practice Journal.  My latest co-written article "Teaching Communal Dance Forms: Expanding Student Perspective and Assisting Dance Educators in the 21st Century" was published the Journal of Dance Education in Practice in September 2019.

August 2015 - Current


I have presented at the TWU Creative Arts and Research Symposium, TWU Learn by Doing Showcase, World Dance Alliance-Americas Conference, Symposium on Performance of the African Diaspora as Social Change Conference, Georgia College, Women's Symposium, and the Conference on the Americas.

June 2012 - May 2014


"Sensorship"-(Hogans/Nygaard) DanceMakers, Women in Dance Conference
"Piel de la Naturaleza"- (Dance Film) TWU Creative Arts and Research, Mobi Mini Fest- 92Y Harkness Dance Center
"Greenhouse"- Brave Arts Dance Festival, Denton Black Film Festival, Dance Upclose Concert, Sightlines Dance Concert
"More than Time Stolen"- African Diaspora as Social Change Symposium, ADCA 2016, Denton Black Film Festival, DanceMarkers Concerting, Dancedor's Lose Yourself to Dance Video Contest Top Ten Finalist

August 2008 - Current


"Sensorship"- (Hogans/Nygaard)DanceMakers, Women in Dance Conference 2019
"Society"-(Jessica Murphy) Brave Arts Dance Festival, Dance Upclose Concert, ACDA 2017, DanceMakers
"Departure"- (Yeajean Choi) Collin College Dance Fusion
"Infinite X"- (George Staib) Sant'Agata Central Plaza Italy

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Artist Statement

As a choreographer focused in social awareness, I work to reach beyond the dance stage and also into communities and systems of learning. Dance is a vital art form that births meaningful discussion and later ignites social, political, and economic change.  I create works that embody and express pressing issues such as gender and racial equity through modern contemporary, post modern, and African diasporic modern styles.



Research & Writing


Journal of Dance Education in Practice

Tips for Success in Navigating a Master's Degree in Dance

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Journal of Dance Education

Teaching Communal Dance Forms

This study aims to provide practical methods for teaching “world/urban” dance courses in higher education in the 21st century. We discuss problematic terminology in our courses and suggest a new term to better reference these dance forms. Eight methods are discussed for assisting teachers and expanding student perspectives in “world/urban” dance classrooms. The authors, Chang, MFA and Hogans, MFA, analyzed their experience teaching Hip Hop dance and West African dance forms at TWU to identify similarities between the forms in both content and pedagogy, as well as the ways in which the two differ from teaching traditional concert forms such as ballet and modern. Through this investigation, we seek to contribute to current dance conversations in higher education such as shifting perspectives on “world/urban” dance terminology, connecting Nyama McCarthy-Brown’s “Cross Cultural Classroom,” and applying the National Dance Education Organization’s “Dance 2050: The Vision of Dance in Higher Education.”