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List of Services

To see exactly what Azaria Rianne Hogans provides, be sure to check out the list of services listed. Offering a wide range of services to meet collaborators’ and clients’ needs, this artist goes above and beyond to satisfy everyone’s vision, while also staying true to a unique style and tone. Get in touch today.

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Teaching & Training

Dance as Social Awareness

As a choreographer focused in social awareness, I work to reach beyond the dance stage and also into communities and systems of learning. Dance is a vital art form that births meaningful discussion and later ignites social, political, and economic change.  I create works that embody and express pressing issues such as gender and racial equity through modern contemporary, post modern, and African diasporic modern styles.

Dance Education

Much like our system of governance, I believe in a democratic republic of learning.  While I am labeled as the “head” of the class, student-centered learning and senate type structure help to engage students and enhance the learning process.  Learning specific techniques is an instrumental part of my classroom as well as self-expression and personal development.  I seek to promote new artists and hear their individual voices.  As I guide students through classes and rehearsals, I seek to challenge their choice making.  My goal for my students is that they are dancers who can work in collaborative environments while maintaining their individuality.  My classes begin heavily guided, but as the class progresses more authority is given to the students. Their voices and leadership are at the forefront by the end of the I also coordinate school outreach programs for K-12.


kNOwBOX Dance Company



Digital Dance Company

Azaria serves as the Manger of Resources and Archives for kNOwBOX dance. She is also a co-host for company's podcast "Dance Behind the Screen." Please visit our website to learn more about kNOwBOX Dance and upcoming events.

Free Lance Dancer

As a professional performer, Azaria Rianne Hogans has perform both nationally and internationally. She has studied extensively under Dr. Julie Mulvihill, Natalie King, Jordan Fuchs, Dr. Matthew Henley, Amelia Pelton, Mary Williford-Shade, Dr. Beatrice Ayi, and Sarah Gamblin, creating a fusion of different modern, ballet, jazz, West African, and contemporary techniques.  Azaria received her B.A. in Spanish with minors in both dance and dance therapy at Georgia College merging her passion for culture, global issues and dance as a communicative practice.

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