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Journal of Dance Education

Publishing Accountability and Transparency in the Dance Field

Navigating predatory publishers as an educator, course developer, author, and/or editor can be frustrating and sometimes complex. This article offers how to recognize, avoid, and check if one is being targeted directly or indirectly by predatory publishers. The authors share a literature review on the conditions of predatory publishing, interviews on how to identify predatory publishers with advice from experts Dr. Ann Cooper Albright, Dr. Matthew Henley, and Dr. Julie Mulvihill, and highlight red flags for recognizing predatory publishers in the digital age. The purpose of this article is to help establish a sense of accountability and transparency when it comes to dance research and publications. This article aims to demystify the publishing process by exploring the dance field’s susceptibility to predatory publishers, offering warning signs of dubious practices, and proposing next steps to an academic world traversing dance and the digital space.



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June 1, 2021

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Azaria Rianne Hogans